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Modern Ranger Belt

Modern Ranger Belt

$ 64.50
The Modern Ranger Belt takes a contemporary approach to a unique part of Texas history - the Texas Ranger belt. 
The Texas Ranger Division was founded in 1823 by Stephen F. Austin, and served as the most elite unit of the Republic of Texas. Equipped with heavy Colt Paterson pistols, the Rangers developed a special belt clasp system based on the cinch straps in their saddlery, and the Texas-designed Ranger Belt was born.
Our Modern Ranger Belt takes the same cinch-strap design of the original, with a thinner overall build and elegant buckle that dresses well in jeans and slacks alike. Handcrafted with 100% genuine cowhide leather, reinforced stitching, and a subtle Texas Standard brand mark, the Modern Ranger Belt is the quintessential accessory for the True Texan.
Sizing is true to belt sizes - typically up one size from your largest pants' waist size.

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