About Texas Standard

The genesis of Texas Standard was pride in the state we call home. Despite being a region of its own in many ways, Texas was without a brand of its own. We felt Texans deserved quality clothing that represented who they are and where they’re from. Eventually we decided it might as well be us to create that for Texas, and a few years ago started our journey in building Texas Standard.

We started from scratch and learned how to design and build top-quality clothing from square one, which forced us to scrutinize every detail along the way. It’s been a long and fun road bringing Texas Standard to life, and we hope you’ll agree that going the extra mile paid off in the final product. We opened our doors in 2016, and have team members across the state in Austin, Dallas, and Houston. All of our products are proudly designed, developed, and distributed here in Dallas, Texas.

When we decided to create Texas Standard, it was also important that our company have a larger purpose, and directly giving back to Texas communities became a key part of our mission. Ten to Texas is our initiative which takes 10% of all of Texas Standard’s profits and donates them to our partner charities. We invite you to learn more about it here: Ten to Texas.

Welcome to Texas Standard, and reach out to us at any time - we'd love to hear from you.

Texas Forever,

Drew & Christine, Co-Founders

Shoot us an email // service@texas-standard.com

Drop us a line // (512) 766-6897