Texas is neither southern nor western.

texas is texas.

-Sen. william Blakeley

by texans, for texans

Texas Standard was born from the pride in its fifth-generation Texas family’s home state, driven by the belief that Texans deserve a brand that represents not only where we’re from, but more importantly, what it means to be a Texan.

for The texas gentleman

You always know it when you see it, but it’s hard to put into words. As best we can though, the ethos of Texas is shoot straight, get it done right, treat your fellow man with respect, and always hold on to your principles. These characteristics aren’t limited to Texas, but we think they are in higher supply here than almost anywhere else in the world. That’s why we think Texans are a step above the rest. We have beautiful landscapes and incredible communities, but the Texas ‘x-factor’ is our collective character of constantly striving for something bigger and better.

our clothing

We believe in humility, but to pat ourselves on the back for a second...we make damn good clothes. We started out with no real background in the apparel industry, which forced us to scrutinize every stitch and detail of each product we design. As time has gone by, we’ve learned and made more unique products and designs, but our core focus is properly dressing the Texas Gentleman. That means every item in our collection has a uniquely Texas style and is made of exceptional materials and craftsmanship. We could care less about the ‘next new fashion trend.’ We stand firm on selling high-quality gear, built to stand the test of time, that represents the spirit of our heritage. Our products are proudly made in Texas whenever possible, and we are working to build up small Texas makers so that we are 100% Made in Texas.

the icon

Texas Standard's logo, a single strand of barbed wire, signifies the spirit of Texan independence, resilience, and tradition. Barbed wire led to the state's initial economic dominance through the ranching trade, and over a century later continues to trace the landscape of Texas far and wide. To us, barbed wire is a symbol of the Texan independent spirit, a fence line where neighbors come together, and the value of determination that drives the Texas Gentleman in each of us.

giving back

Texas Standard is a company dedicated to a higher calling. We honor our home state by directly giving back to make Texas communities even stronger. Before we even launched the company, we founded the Texas Standard Foundation, which mandates that 10% of all of Texas Standard profits are donated to Texas-focused charities across the state. We invite you to learn more about that program, which we call Ten to Texas.

What can we do for you?

Reach out to us at any time - we're here to help give you the best customer service possible, and appreciate feedback on what we're doing well, how we can do better, and what you'd like us to bring you next.

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