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What is Texas Standard?

When non-Texans ask why we have so much pride as a state, it's a difficult question to answer to those unfamiliar with what it means to be a part of such a unique place. We are the only state to have been a country, the energy capital of the world, and, perhaps most importantly, a collective of incredible people. The last part is why Texans are misunderstood as overly prideful. Those who don't understand the spirit of our people are lost in our sense of immense pride. We are doers, dreamers, and optimists. We are the epitome of the American Dream, without relying on America itself.

Texas stands on its own. We, 27 million strong, stand united across all factions, as Texans - against classification, determined to excel at all costs. The Texan lives on in history books, in family lore, and in the background of our modern lives.

We at Texas Standard believe in unity, in independence, and in pride. These traits ring true to what it means to be a Texan. The symbol of barbed wire is one that resonates with the inner Texan. One one sense it represents division, but in truth it embodies the spirit of ranching that first gave Texas it's rise to prominence - the independent rancher. It symbolizes strength of will, an irrevocable line of friendship between families, and the inevitable evolution of our land's heritage. 

Texas will forever live as a symbol of a people that habitually pursue greatness.