Capturing the Historic Hotel Emma

Once an esteemed brewhouse dating back to 1894, Hotel Emma now stands as a majestic landmark in San Antonio's vibrant Pearl district, nestled along the northern banks of the River Walk. Since its inception in 2015, this riverside haven boasting 146 rooms has consistently graced the ranks of top hotel destinations.

At its core, Hotel Emma embodies a rich tapestry of history and modern luxury. The original tower, standing proud with seven floors, stands as a testament to its storied past, while a newer six-floor tower, erected in 2015, adds a contemporary flair to the skyline.

The hotel is named after Emma Koehler, who was a resilient and resourceful woman who played a pivotal role in managing the San Antonio Brewing Association during Prohibition. Despite facing numerous challenges, including the death of her husband and Prohibition laws, she kept the brewery afloat by diversifying its products and finding creative ways to stay in business. Her determination and leadership ensured the brewery's survival, making her a symbol of entrepreneurship and resilience during a turbulent time in American history.

The alignment of ethos between Hotel Emma and Texas Standard is evident. Each embodies the storied tapestry of Texas history, infusing it with a vibrant contemporary spirit and an unwavering commitment to impeccable detail. This cohesive union was artfully captured by the Texas Standard team during their on-location shoot for the Spring '24 collection.

The Waterloo Swim Shorts are perfect for tranquil days of sunning and swimming at the rooftop pool at Hotel Emma. 

The made-in-Texas Texas check fit seamlessly into the refined yet rustic design of the Hotel Emma Library that boasts 3,000 plus books that are a personal collection of Sherry Kafka Wagner.

Scott Martin, pictured above, has a special relationship with Hotel Emma. He undertook his own photography project titled "Doing Time" , while the hotel was being built.  For four years during renovation, Scott roamed the construction site, setting up eight cameras to capture over 400,000 still images of an abandoned brewery complex becoming a dynamic destination and neighborhood.

Take the Tejas Guayabera outside to the courtyard to enjoy provisions and good conversation. 

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Check out Artist, Scott Matin's, pieve 

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