Worth Every Penny

When we launched Texas Standard just a few years ago, we knew what we were doing wouldn't be easy, but then again, most worthy goals aren't. The idea was pretty simple -- to finally build a brand tailored for the Texas gentleman, and actually make our state better in the process. Behind this simple goal, though, are a host of tough decisions and inspiring stories that all come together to create what arrives in just a few days on your doorstep in a hand-branded box.

We started at the end in some ways. Before we had made a single shirt, we decided that 10% of our profits would go back to Texas charities that we could rotate depending on need and value, so that we were covering the host of worthy causes across this great land. After all, we're assuming a lot of trust by bringing the namesake of our state into the name of our brand, so it needs to really be more about giving back than getting ahead.

We knew that not everyone would be able to afford the premium products we offered, and it was really important to us that we bridge that gap through discounting where we can and let great charities help Texans far and wide who need things much more important than great apparel. These are things many of us take for granted like food, shelter, healthcare, advocates, education, and an environment to sustain us all. We began offering military discounts, at-cost wardrobe replacements for flood victims, and responding to requests for help with free gear to Texans in need. We're a growing but small company with limited resources, and we always give whenever we can.

The second layer is easy to overlook, but just as important to the Texas Standard story. When each of us makes a purchase, do we think all that much of the impact of what that decision truly is? We live in the greatest state in the wealthiest country in the world, and like many of you, we have been guilty of being mindless consumers. When we got into actually making products though, we were forced to observe the story behind where products come from and the impact that has on people, communities, and the future of Texas -- and even America.

For us, we had to ask ourselves are we best serving Texas as a whole by making clothing here at a higher price, or following most of the so-called American brands by manufacturing most of their products in China or elsewhere with virtually no oversight on how their products are being made. That means child labor, unsanitary conditions, unsustainable wages, and so on. Ultimately, your purchase is a choice that supports whatever is behind that door. There's also where the money goes at the end of the day -- either to a corporation in China for example, or to a family in West Texas that will then spend that dollar back in Texas communities.

In effect, your dollar is getting recycled within the Texas economy over and over again, or it drifts off to sea. It was really clear to us that a focus on manufacturing within our borders was a focus. We are doing so whenever possible, and long-term plan to run our own manufacturing facilities to be 100% Made in Texas and bring those jobs back home. To be honest, it's a lot less profitable for us to make products here, but it's just right -- plain and simple.

Long story short: we're serious about delivering a quality product that's a real value to our customers, and comes with the added benefit of doing good in our state for all Texans. Yes, you can find a lot of cheaper options than Texas Standard, but there's more to the story than does it cover your back for cheap. We're confident that having fewer, longer-lasting things that positively impact the world is a better way to spend your dollar, and we're honored that so many of your feel the same.

From our family to yours, thank you for being a part of this journey we call Texas Standard. We're nothing without you.

Texas Forever,

Drew Bagot

Co-Founder and CEO

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