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In Frame Coffee Co.'s aromatic world, Will Chilton, Director of Sales and Operations, has a story that exemplifies the Texan spirit driving his love for coffee and community. His journey, linking coffee suppliers worldwide with the heart of Texas, is a testament to the strength of pursuing dreams, honoring one's origins, and brewing success with every cup.

Texas is more than a birthplace for Will; it's a tapestry of diversity that shaped his identity. “From the Piney Woods of the Big Thicket to the rugged beauty of the Guadalupe Mountains, Texas's landscapes vary as widely as its people.” Will says as he reflects on what truly defines Texas. “It's a state where technology hubs like Austin and traditional cow towns like Fort Worth coexist harmoniously.” 

This was even more apparent as he reminisces about his college days at the University of Arkansas, where being from Texas was a badge of honor. He missed the rugged beauty of Texas, the feeling of vast open spaces and sunsets with friends. He often thought back to memories of floating the Guadalupe River in New Braunfels or of his father and the bond they shared through hunting.

Today, Will is glad to be back in Texas with a family of his own—a loving wife, a 2-year-old daughter, and a child on the way. He can't wait to create those only-in-Texas memories with them, just as he did with his own father.

Before Frame Coffee Co., Will was deeply immersed in non-profit work, organizing outdoor events and experiences. But life has a way of steering us in unexpected directions, and for Will, it led to the world of coffee. This began with a close friend, Jake Smith, who had a deep appreciation and unique experiences of working with coffee producers in East Africa. As Jake ventured into his own coffee business, he approached Will with an enticing offer—to join him in this entrepreneurial endeavor.

For Will, the challenge was irresistible. As Will soon found out, in the world of food and beverage, relationships are paramount. Will thrives in this environment as his approach is rooted in building trust, fostering rapport, and establishing open communication with his customers. He especially enjoys the challenge and the opportunity to educate people about high-quality coffee.

Frame's commitment to the community extends beyond coffee. Their "Keep It Wild" series exemplifies their dedication to preserving Texas' rugged wilderness. By donating 10% of their profits to organizations like the Texas Wildlife Association and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation, they aim to make a positive impact on the state they hold dear. The alignment between this initiative and the Texas Standard Foundation's commitment to donate 10% of its profits to similar organizations is both noteworthy and holds significant value to both companies.

The connection between Will and Texas Standard is also made clear in his choice of wardrobe no matter the occasion. A Western Field Shirt is the go-to for days working at the Frame warehouse or out at the Stewards of the Wild annual dove hunt. You’d also find Will in a Short Sleeve Sport Shirt or the classic Tejas Guayabera while he enjoys quality family time in Fort Worth or a Guayabera Libre if he’s heading out for a day jet-skiing on Lake Weatherford.

In the spirit of community and collaboration, Texas Standard has a special offer for our customers. From now until Saturday 9/30, you can indulge in a limited edition collaboration between Frame Coffee Co. and Texas Standard. A testament to the shared values of both companies, celebrating the rich heritage and flavors of Texas’ past.


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Roasted by Frame Coffee Co.


To explore more of Frame's offerings, visit their website at As we raise our cups to Will Chilton's remarkable journey and the unique bond between coffee, community, and Texas, may every sip be a reminder of the Texan spirit that fuels dreams and brews success.

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