The Adventurous Family Man

Not everyone is able to spend their childhood summers reeling in redfish on the Texas coast with an expert fisherman, and grandfather, as their guide, but Drew Benac was one of the lucky few. Did he know how well he had it at the time? Not Really. That's because Drew was just a curious kid running around with his three brothers and drinking Dr. Pepper while fishing his Grandfather’s favorite spots along Espiritu Santo Bay. It was this type of childhood, one full of outdoor adventures, challenge, and friendship, that sparked Drew's appreciation for the beautiful landscapes of Texas and the power of sharing moments in nature with those you care about most. 

Drew was born in Dallas, TX, and grew up in Boerne, TX. He has lived all over the country including places like Santa Barbara, CA and Charlotte, NC, but has always considered Texas his home. "The sense of community we have here and the friendliness of our state  keeps me coming back," says Drew, now a resident of Kyle, TX. He references his affinity for Texans to be innately humble, honest, and hardworking as distinguishing characteristics of their DNA. The people of Texas also resonate with Drew as they seem to share his willingness to take risks and try something new. In college, Drew’s love for the created world led him to a major in Biology and pursue a career in medicine. He received his M.D. in 2013 from Texas A&M Health Science Center and currently practices as an OB/GYN hospitalist in Hays county.


Drew and his wife, Hannah, tied the knot on a Guadalupe river ranch in 2008. Six years later, with medical training complete, the Benacs and their two boys finally made their way back to Texas. Around that time, they became foster parents and were privileged to adopt brother-sister siblings just before welcoming their youngest daughter into the world. Now, as parents of five incredible kids, Drew and Hannah understand that their family thrives outdoors. As Father's Day approaches, Drew reflects back on memories of fishing the coast with his grandfather. "My grandad taught me how to set a hook and tie a perfect fishing knot. Now I get to teach my kids those same skills."

It carries a lot of importance with Drew to be a supportive husband and present father. He also hopes to instill some of the same values he learned as a child such as an adventurous spirit, the importance of teamwork, and a love for the outdoors within his own family. That’s why, in 2021, when Drew had the opportunity to scale back his work as an OB/GYN and launch an adventure trailer rental business together with his wife, he knew it was the right decision.

Adventure ATX was born out of the Benac’s lifelong dream of investing in families and creating meaningful ways to spend time together outside. Today, their top-tier trailer rental program offers luxury camping experiences at a variety of locations, from a local State Park to remote off-grid campsite locations. In starting an adventure company, there have been many risks and uncertainties along the way, but it has been a blessing for the Benacs to spend more time together and watch their children grow around the family business.

Growing their family's love for outdoor adventures and fulfilling their dream of offering unforgettable outdoor experiences is a dream come true for Drew and Hannah. As Adventure ATX enters its next phase of growth, they are focused on providing exceptional service, scaling the rental fleet, and creating comprehensive adventure packages for those who desire a turn-key off-road vacation experience.

Not only does Drew appreciate that the values he holds align with the values of Texas Standard, but the practical overlap of shirts like the Western Field Shirt and the Guayabera Libre simply make sense when it comes to his attire. These shirts were designed exactly for guys like Drew, having the versatility to be able to go from a business meeting to a campsite without needing to change. The Balcones Shorts also provide the perfect balance of looking sharp all day with the durability needed to tackle outdoor activities after business has concluded.

On a normal weekend in the summer, you can find the Benac family embarking on an adventure hiking, biking, fishing, or splashing in Cypress Creek as is runs through Wimberly. This Father's Day weekend, Drew plans to float the San Marcos river with his family and grill out in the backyard.

Drew encourages everyone to create the space in your life to spend valuable time with family, no matter how busy life may seem. He strongly believes it is the medicine we all need to feel refreshed and renewed. You can book your rental and start planning your next adventure at

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