From the lush pine tree courses in Houston and the captivating hill country scenery in Austin and San Antonio, to the unique desert golf in El Paso, Aaron Bergman, the Founder/CEO of Golfinity, has journeyed through the rich tapestry of Texas' vibrant golfing culture. These experiences serve as a few of the building blocks of inspiration for his mission to enrich his local community's access to the wonders of golf. Aaron's story is one that embodies the essence of a driven and determined individual who turned his passion for golf into a thriving business venture.



Aaron's journey with golf began at the young age of 9, driven purely by his own curiosity and passion. Unlike many young golfers who are introduced to the sport by their parents, Aaron discovered his love for golf independently with his competitive spirit and a little help from his childhood best friend. Throughout the summers of his childhood, he would spend countless hours on the course, immersing himself in the game he found so captivating. For Aaron, golf was not just a hobby; it was pure fun and pure joy. Nurturing his skills and passion for golf, Aaron's adventures as a young player instilled in him a deep appreciation for the joy of learning and personal discovery. Little did he know that these formative experiences would later inspire him to embark on a path of teaching and guiding young minds in the world of golf.


Following his college years, through a fortuitous opportunity in the Kingdom of Bhutan, he became a golf ambassador, teaching the sport to members of the Royal Family, diplomats, and high-ranking military officers. Additionally, he would travel to villages across the country, fostering golf programs and running after-school youth initiatives. Initially planning to spend only six months in Bhutan, destiny had other plans for Aaron. New doors opened in Kathmandu, Nepal, and Thailand, leading him to spend the following three years teaching golf and living throughout various parts of Asia.


Returning to the United States, Aaron found himself at a pivotal crossroads. He realized that his true fulfillment lay not in a conventional golf career but in using the sport to make a positive impact in communities, particularly among the youth. This realization fueled his passion to help grow an after-school golf program in over 85 campuses throughout Central Texas. Although hauling bags of golf clubs, mats, and cones to elementary schools was as close to building community and breaking down the barriers of golf as he'd ever been, he knew there was another step he had to take to fulfill his grander dream.



In 2015, Aaron’s first golf academy, albeit in an undercapitalized and suboptimal setting, opened its doors. Despite the challenges, the school thrived. A few years later, Aaron created the vision for a grander golf experience and can now proudly say that Golfinity has evolved into the largest indoor golf performance club in the country with over 900 members.



In the same way that Aaron has focused on every detail to improve his business, he also continues to seek advantages for his golf game. Amidst a market flooded with countless options, he sought clothes that not only looked good but also provided the utmost comfort and enhanced his performance. He knows that he can throw on a Texas Traditions Polo and a pair of Balcones Shorts and exuded confidence and receive an unmistakable boost in his game. Texas Standard effortlessly embodied the mantra, "You look good, you play good," solidifying its place as an essential element in Aaron's golfing experience.


As Golfinity continues to thrive and evolve, Aaron finds himself contemplating both the future and the past. Balancing the excitement of what lies ahead with a sense of nostalgia, he wonders if his two children will follow in his footsteps and embrace golf as passionately as he has. "My boys have shown a strong interest in golf, which of course I'm thrilled about. If they do continue in the game, I know they have a mountain of life lessons to ahead of them." he says "As successful as I aim to be in business, my success as a husband and father is far more important."



With Aaron's parents now living in Austin, Father's Day becomes a three-generation celebration for the Bergmans. This year, they plan to come together as a family to enjoy delicious food and appreciate the joys of family. Father's Day serves as a reminder of how blessed Aaron feels and the gratitude he has for being a father.


If you are ready to take the first swing towards beginning or improving your golf game, visit Golfinity online at or in-person at:

12332 N FM 620 Building B

Cedar Park, TX 78613


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